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Black Friday – The Shopping Spree Online – All Week – and then Cyber Monday Sucked!

For those of you who didn’t notice last week had some pretty nice discounts  … You didn’t have to go to Walmart or BestBuy at 5am to get the deals either.

In fact you didn’t have to wait until Friday to start shopping either because most of the online stores had deals going all week that were usually better than the stuff in the advertising circulars where you had fight the crowds  only to find the 10 of that item they had were already soldout.

And while we are on the subject I can tell you … because I paid close attention … that Cyber Monday sucked. Most of the items on sale from last week were back to their regular prices … the majority of the free shipping was history.

So what deals made my week?

Well I’m been using the beta trial of windows home server on a spare pc and it expires in February so I was planning on buying the software (its $100 after Microsoft’s price drop).  I spotted a deal on slickdeals for the HP Media Smart ex470 which includes the 4 bay media smart server, a 500gb drive and windows home server for $299 … ordered last Monday. ( $549 today at newegg.com).

Speaking of Newegg.com  They had the samsung 1TB drives for $92 … no tax and free shipping . I bought 3 last Monday. They are $95 now and still have free shipping

I’ve been planning on another HDTV and spotted the Dell deal (also on Monday)  … Sharp 42″ 1080p free shipping for $799. Granted there were cheaper 42″ off brands for less .. some even 1080p but most of the decent models were $899 and up. The TV arrived on Black Friday.

I really love Newegg.com I buy tons of stuff there and never pay tax and free shipping (I only buy if its free shipping).  I also bought the Rosewill dual bay sata II enclosure for $50 (down from $60). Lets you put in two 1 tb drive as 1 big drive. I have one already and its splendid and significantly more expensive everywhere else. The cheaper duals you see there are crap .. don’t bother.

Then I bought the Western Digital HD media player for $99 … for a spare bedroom tv set … hookup a usb drive with content and plug the hdmi cable into your tv and you’re good to go. Its back up to $119 today.

I already have the popcorn hour box, netflix roku box,  and the netgear digital entertainer hd eva8000 in the main entertainment  rooms but in another bedroom with an hdtv I wanted to get a video card for the pc in there with hdmi out so the guests could watch netflix and hulu from the pc desktop on the tv. I picked this one up for $20 after $10 rebate.

So I got the hp media smart server and the drives in on Wednesday. Put 2 of the 1 tb drives in the server along with a 750 and 2 external 400’s I had laying around for a total of 4050. I put the other 1tb drive in the main pc for the time being.

I put two 750gb drives in the Rosewill dual sata II drive enclosure.

I almost forgot … Newegg had an hmdi cable for $1.99 after rebate with free shipping so I picked one of those up too.

Meanwhile back on Newegg.com they had a 5 port gigabit switch for $14.99 … got one … then slickdeals got me again with the hitachi 1tb for $80 after rebate. (rebate is over now) … and while I was thinking where am I gonna put this one … I decided to pair it with the other 1 tb from earlier and bought another Rosewill dual drive sata II enclosure ( I love those). You can never have too much storage.

If anyone spots a good dual drive enclosure for ide drives cheap  … I got a couple of 500gb’s ide internal  drives looking for a home.

Oh….oh … I almost forgot I used Microsoft Live Search cashback for all my purchases.. average cashback was 3%.

And please someone take away my credit card! OUCH!