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Got Windows 7 ? .. find out how to unlock the special features

This was discussed last week on Leo Laporte’s TWIT podcast featuring Paul Thurrott and Within Windows blogger Rafael Rivera discussing Microsoft PDC and Windows 7.

Rafael stumbled upon the unlock while looking thru the mounds of stuff provided at PDC and posted the how to on his blog. Way to go Rafael 2 points for you!

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You should also check out Ed Botts follow up story.


My week of good karma – 1st Jason Calacanis – now Geek News Central

Wow, I won $250?

That’s great …  Todd Cochrane of Geek News Central asked his listeners to write opinion posts about the podcast. In Friday’s podcast he announced there were 30 some listeners that had written an article and he put their names in an anonimizer and my name won.

This was my response to Todd Cochrane.

“First … let me say “Thank you very much”.

I would have written the article without a contest …. because I like the podcast and I enjoy writing about things I like or that pique my interest. Its fun for me to create an article … looking up the relevant links and putting it together into something that can be useful or informative to others … it’s something I do solely for my own entertainment.

Actually this has been my week for pleasant surprises. Earlier in the week I had also commented on one of Jason Calacanis’s newsletters and got a reply from Jason .. offering to send me some Mahalo coffee mugs (which arrived this week). Knowing Jason must receive 2000+ emails a day after filtering I was extremely surprised he even read my email … even more so when he responded.

I wrote an article about the coffee mugs and the article got so many views it put my blog at #6 on (for a day)  … only because Jason mentioned it on Twitter.

So anyway .. my point is … I didn’t comment on Jason’s newsletter to get Mahalo coffee mugs, I didn’t write the article about Jason’s kindness to get wordpress stats, and I didn’t write the post about your podcast to win the contest (although $250 is nice and will come in handy)  I wrote these things because that’s what blogging is about … writing about what is interesting to you and having fun doing it.

I guess I will remember this week as the week of good karma. Since these things usually happen in three’s I’m thinking I should buy a lottery ticket!

Thanks again!
PS … this is interesting too and will surely be another post!”

Flickrslidr – Auto created slide show with Leo Laporte and Ambermac

I was reading an excellent post on “Top 10 tips for saving time building websites“. I like them all (although I prefer Jing for screen capture).

One of the tips was

I was totally impressed … I thought I would have to upload a bunch of pics .. or it would make a slide of my pics. NO! What is does is auto create a slide show (which you can embed in your web page) from all shared flickr photos based on the tag you select and how people tagged their photos.

How to do it!

How to auto create and embed a slideshow of your tag

How to auto create and embed a slideshow of your tag

Tags insert related pictures from flickr that are tagged with that name. Results are phenominal!

Once you have the code you can copy and paste it onto your web page or create a text document blank web page and paste it between body and /body and save the text document as anyname.htm

The results of using the tag leolaporte and ambermac are below … better relevance than a Google search for their pictures … (and Leo makes some amazing faces)

Leo Laporte auto generated slideshow.

Amber MacArthur auto genreated slideshow.

Amber Macarthur – Net Neutrality in Canada

Awesome … I love Amber’s work … she’s great! … You have to watch her report on net neutrality in Canada … Tell your friends!

The Podcasts we juice – Geek News Central with Todd Cochrane

I spend at least 2 hours a day on the road and I use that time to keep up with the technology news by listening to tech podcasts.

I use Juice podcast receiver to download the podcasts I like and then copy them to an SD card and listen  via the TomTom Go720 GPS FM transmitter through the car stereo. I posted an article a few weeks ago with links to the podcasts I like.

I am writing this for a few reasons. I occasionally send Todd Cochrane at Geek News Central an email and he is kind enough to mention it on his podcast and list it in his show notes, I enjoy listening to the podcasts Todd does, and he asked listeners to write a post about their opinion of his podcast.

So … as Todd says “Strap in … here it comes” .

Geek News Central is a podcast produced by Todd Cochran. Todd is a major player in podcasting as President of RawVoice communications, and the podcast resource. Take a look at Tech Podcast Network and PCN and Podcast Promos … that Todd is one busy guy!  He is also the author of “Podcasting The Do-It-Yourself Guide” an Amazon 2005 book of the year.  Currently his show sponsors are Go to Meeting and Blockbuster.

Enough about Todd’s business … lets talk about the Podcast. They come out twice a week on Tuesday and Friday.  Although Todd lives in Hawaii and normally podcasts from home … being involved in all those businesses listed above Todd is often on the road and podcasting from a motel room’s wifi … last one was a Motel 6 (never again).

Todd is kind of mellow compared to some other podcasters … the Donnie Osmond of podcasting. He often talks about his family and his kids on the podcast and he loves anything about NASA and space which he often includes in his podcast. I would prefer not to hear the NASA/space part but it is not enough to keep me from listening to the podcast. He calls his listeners “The Ohana” … Part of Hawaiian culture, ʻohana means family in an extended sense of the term including blood-related, adoptive or intentional.

I like Todd’s podcast because when he does deliver the news … its pertinent news … and he talks about it in the perspective of how it will effect our lives rather than the industry hyped sensationalism you get on many podcasts. You can sign up for the show notes which are emailed to you right after each podcast. I must say the show notes are great … includes all the listener links and links to all the items talked about on the show.

Todd recently got a Tricaster so in the near future you should be seeing a Geek News Central TV podcast.

Over 25000 people listen twice a week so you might consider subscribing to the Geek News Central .  I do.

A really meaty TWIT (151) … Patrick Norton gets 5 five stars.

I listen to the TWIT podcast each time its produced … I always like them .. but this one was particularly meaty … and I’m not just talking about Dvoraks suitcase sausages.

In my opinion Patrick Norton really made that show (151). His comments and discussions were right on  … Patrick tells it like it is … no sugar coating.

Isp’s dropping Usenet, FCC prohibiting Comcast BitTorrent blocking, Ebay paypal fraud … and Dvoraks meat smuggling.

Leo asked his twitter army to follow Patrick and it went from 800 followers to 13500 in about 5 minutes. Amazing!

Listen to it …

Read the Show notes …

Kudos to everyone … I hope Leo has Patrick on more often.


The Podcasts We Juice.

We spend a lot of time in transit so we use that time to keep up with the news on our favorite podcasts. We download the podcasts with Juice podcast receiver them copy them over to an SD card for our TomTom Go 720
and listen to them over the car stereo.

Here is what we are listening to currently:

Buzz Out Loud from Cnet

Molly Tom Jason

John Dvorak et al

John Dvorak et al

Geek News Central

Geek News Central wTodd Cochrane

Amber MacArthur and Leo Laporte

Amber MacArthur

PcMag Radio

PcMag Radio

Tech Podcast

Tech Podcast

Call Leo

Call Leo


The Week in Tech

Paul Leo & Windows

Paul Leo & Windows

Between the Lines

Between the Lines

More Leo Laporte

More Leo Laporte

If listen to one that’s in the same vein as these let me know and I’ll take a look. Thanks!