I’m doing this for fun.

There are many Todd Sinclair’s but only 1 Todd Loren Sinclair.

I write these posts for a couple of reasons … I’m passionate about the subject, I’ve been inspired by someone or something I read, or there is some knowledge I wish someone had told me about  before I found out the hard way. If you like it great … if not  … remember what your mother told you “If you don’t have something nice to say … don’t say anything at all.”

Todd Loren Sinclair is a “Technology addict” living in Cambridge Maryland. He’s been involved with computers since the Commodore Vic 20.

Todd currently works as a Helpdesk Administrator to pay for his “Technology habit”.

Todd listens the opinions of Leo Laporte, Amber Macarthur, Kevin Rose, Jason Calacanis, Veronica Belmont, Melrin Mann, Steve Rubel, Cali Lewis, Rafe Needleman, Michael Arrington, Todd Cochrane, John Dvorak, Molly Wood, Tom Merritt, Jason Howell, Tim O’Reilly, Adam Curry, Patrick Norton, Chris Pirillo and Paul Thurrott.


3 responses to “Info

  1. toddlorensinclair

    Cool picture huh?

  2. toddlorensinclair

    Yeah I know its pretty bare… gimme a break .. I only spent an hour on it…

  3. Oh. I see you are in Cambridge, MD…. I’m in Annapolis. Small world. Elizabeth Fink

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