Ouch! Greed exposed – Your $45 broadband costs your Internet Service Provider (Comcast – Time Warner) … $1.35

As quoted from “The Problem With Cable Is Television

“The operating cost of providing broadband service is low and getting lower. At Time Warner, the cost of connecting to the Internet and other direct costs of providing its high-speed data service fell to $33 million, down 18 percent. That represents just 3 percent of the revenue it collects for broadband service. But it doesn’t include the capital expenses needed to upgrade the network. Comcast reported $120 million of costs for high-speed data service, down 13 percent from a year ago. That represents 6 percent of its data revenue.”

Ok.. so If you pay $45 a month for broadband … it costs them $1.35 at Time Warner … and $2.70 at Comcast.

Lets put that in perspective … lets say it cost $1.35  to make a loaf of Wonder Bread (Of course that doesn’t include packaging upgrades) … $45 to buy it? … No more outrageous than the cost of broadband!

To add insult to financial injury they want to raise the price.

Do you think broadband users should be paying to subsidize Comcast and Time Warner Cable Television?



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