IMDB offers free streaming videos ? Not ready for primetime!

I saw a mention on a blog today about a new site for free streaming movies and TV.

Yes …  IMDB the internet movie data base has joined the cast of others offering free content . Their site leaves much to be desired unfortunately.

Their page says “IMDB is now showing full-length movies and and a great selection of full-length TV episodes directly on our site — for free!. We have the best selection of films and shows on the internet, paired with all of the rich film and TV information that you expect from IMDB. Best of all, you can watch it all right now for free! Take a look at our featured content below, or search for your favorite films and TV shows to find the videos and movies you want to see!”

Really? … the fact is there are currently 20 New TV Episodes, 20 Classic TV Episodes, 20 New Movies and Recent Favorites (I wouldn’t call them new), 20 Classic Movies, 20 Independent Shorts, and 20 Latest Trailers available for immediate viewing.

Lets see .. that’s 120 … 80 if you take out the shorts and trailers … or 40 if you also take out the dated classic tv and classic movies. A far cry from 6000 they mentioned … since there is currently no way other than random search to find the other 5880.

Yeah right … like we are really going to randomly search and hope to find one of the free ones?

All the ones I clicked are actually streamed from so why would I not just go to HULU where I can easily find them?

Word is IMDB will have HULU and ABC content and that the movies and TV shows will only be available for set periods of time … not perpetually.

Sorry IMDB .. I love your movie index but this new service really needs some work, especially the navigation.



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