Shills on the internet … in comments … on forums

Shills on the Internet

Its getting harder and harder to know who to believe … when  I see someone praising an ISP or a Cellphone company (which we all love to hate) I have to wonder … is that person making a living posting positive comments about this company.

Does that happen? You bet it does… read this!

There may be a tiny percent of these posts in comments and forums that are real … but lets face it .. people are more likely to write these when they have a bad experience and a whole lot of people have had a bad service experience(s) from their ISP and Cell Phone service.

“In online discussion media, satisfied consumers or “innocent” parties may express specific opinions in order to further the interests of an organization in which they have an interest, such as a commercial vendor or special-interest group. Websites may also be set up for the same purpose. For example, an employee of a company that produces a specific product may praise the product anonymously in a discussion forum or group in order to generate interest in that product, service or group.

In some jurisdictions and circumstances this type of activity may be illegal. In addition, reputable organizations may prohibit their employees and other interested parties (contractors, agents, etc.) from participating in public forums or discussion groups in which a conflict of interest might arise, or will at least insist that their employees and agents refrain from participating in any way that might create a conflict of interest.”


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