My week of good karma – 1st Jason Calacanis – now Geek News Central

Wow, I won $250?

That’s great …  Todd Cochrane of Geek News Central asked his listeners to write opinion posts about the podcast. In Friday’s podcast he announced there were 30 some listeners that had written an article and he put their names in an anonimizer and my name won.

This was my response to Todd Cochrane.

“First … let me say “Thank you very much”.

I would have written the article without a contest …. because I like the podcast and I enjoy writing about things I like or that pique my interest. Its fun for me to create an article … looking up the relevant links and putting it together into something that can be useful or informative to others … it’s something I do solely for my own entertainment.

Actually this has been my week for pleasant surprises. Earlier in the week I had also commented on one of Jason Calacanis’s newsletters and got a reply from Jason .. offering to send me some Mahalo coffee mugs (which arrived this week). Knowing Jason must receive 2000+ emails a day after filtering I was extremely surprised he even read my email … even more so when he responded.

I wrote an article about the coffee mugs and the article got so many views it put my blog at #6 on (for a day)  … only because Jason mentioned it on Twitter.

So anyway .. my point is … I didn’t comment on Jason’s newsletter to get Mahalo coffee mugs, I didn’t write the article about Jason’s kindness to get wordpress stats, and I didn’t write the post about your podcast to win the contest (although $250 is nice and will come in handy)  I wrote these things because that’s what blogging is about … writing about what is interesting to you and having fun doing it.

I guess I will remember this week as the week of good karma. Since these things usually happen in three’s I’m thinking I should buy a lottery ticket!

Thanks again!
PS … this is interesting too and will surely be another post!”


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