The Kindness of Strangers – Jason Calacanis – Mahalo

Anyway … I’m not famous, or important, or a prodigy. I do crave the wisdom of people who I admire for their knowledge, wit, or accomplishments.

One of those people is Jason Calacanis.

I subscribe to his newsletter… and follow his posts on twitter and friendfeed and elsewhere. I often reply to his newsletter and in one “How to Generate Feedback for Your Startup (three simpleideas)” was a Question: “Do you have any ideas on how to engage people in your startups development?” and in the comments a was …   “Kevin W. had a lot of suggestions, among his best was “* To help drive  traffic, how about a referral program where you earn a couple of points for everyone you get to visit the site. You can then redeem your points for cash, music downloads, Mahalo merchandise, or whatever.” I love this idea. In fact, we’ve been thinking about doing this since day one, but we’ve focused like a laser on the core product. Maybe next year on this one.

Well I also agreed this idea had merit and mentioned it to Jason in my reply noting everyone wants a Mahalo coffee mug.

You could have knocked me over with a feather when I got a reply… (I mean Jason must get what 2000+ emails a day?). In his reply he thanked me for my comments and offered to send me some Mahalo coffee mugs. True to his word I received 3 mugs and a beach towel in the mail today courtesy of his assistant at Mahalo – Jason Krute. Mahalo … join the ohana!

Thanks Jason (both of you) … if there were a “My name is Jason” show on TV you would definetly be getting some extra karma points!

Here’s the picture … I’m doing my impersonation of Paul Thurrott (he uses a coffee cup the same way on his twitter pic).

toddlorensinclair goes mahalo

toddlorensinclair goes mahalo


3 responses to “The Kindness of Strangers – Jason Calacanis – Mahalo

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  2. Very sweet of Calacanis. I love this story. Oh and spot on impersonation of Thurott…hehe

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