What the? Honda Pilot commercial highlights 23mpg highway!

So there I was watching season 2 episode 4 of “Burn Notice” on hulu.com .. and you know how they have these short commercials on there … well apparently the sponsor of this particular episode was Honda .

They had several different versions of a commercial with guy in a Honda Pilot stopping to pickup a jet pack guy out of fuel, a big truck with giant tires and a lift kitout of fuel, and a group of nudists … etc.  and in each commercial the punch line is always my Honda  Pilot gets 23 mpg highway …

What the ????  gas is $4 a gallon …   doesn’t 23 mpg highway suck … and they are bragging about it?

So lets ask the question …  Would you be encouraged or disappointed if you found out the highway miles the Honda Pilot gets is 23 per gallon ?


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