Hey FCC … What about metered bandwidth ????

I read this article today … and folks I have to tell you this is exactly what is happening . While you are sipping your cappuccino from Starbucks and contemplating what to have for lunch big business is rolling out their strategy to take over the internet in stealth mode. The American taxpayers are going to be shafted by big business and everyone is just taking the “Oh well” attitude.

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Yo FCC! Are You Doing Anything About Metered Broadband? – GigaOM
In an effort to burnish his public image, Federal Communications Commission Chairman Kevin Martin has take up a populist and politically lucrative crusade against the evil cable company, Comcast and its nefarious efforts to block certain kinds of traffic.

Given that we all love to hate our cable companies, especially the big ones, it is a calculated bet by Martin, who is rumored to be contemplating running for US House of Representatives after he leaves FCC. Now wonder, he has been campaigning hard to chastise Comcast, and perhaps censure them for an undeniably lamentable act.

My inner cynic believes that this so called punishment is nothing but a smart tactic by Martin to show that he is on the side of network neutrality and champion of open access and the people. He told The New York Times that he was pursuing this because of openness he wants to see in the networks.

“We are setting a very high bar on what network operators can do in terms of putting limits on consumers.”

I chortled when I read that and had to shake off the image of Martin as the proverbial Internet Robin Hood. The reality is that all this talk is nothing but hot air, a diversionary tactic that taking the attention away from a bigger, more evil problem that is emerging for the US Internet: metered broadband.


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