The Podcasts we juice – Geek News Central with Todd Cochrane

I spend at least 2 hours a day on the road and I use that time to keep up with the technology news by listening to tech podcasts.

I use Juice podcast receiver to download the podcasts I like and then copy them to an SD card and listen  via the TomTom Go720 GPS FM transmitter through the car stereo. I posted an article a few weeks ago with links to the podcasts I like.

I am writing this for a few reasons. I occasionally send Todd Cochrane at Geek News Central an email and he is kind enough to mention it on his podcast and list it in his show notes, I enjoy listening to the podcasts Todd does, and he asked listeners to write a post about their opinion of his podcast.

So … as Todd says “Strap in … here it comes” .

Geek News Central is a podcast produced by Todd Cochran. Todd is a major player in podcasting as President of RawVoice communications, and the podcast resource. Take a look at Tech Podcast Network and PCN and Podcast Promos … that Todd is one busy guy!  He is also the author of “Podcasting The Do-It-Yourself Guide” an Amazon 2005 book of the year.  Currently his show sponsors are Go to Meeting and Blockbuster.

Enough about Todd’s business … lets talk about the Podcast. They come out twice a week on Tuesday and Friday.  Although Todd lives in Hawaii and normally podcasts from home … being involved in all those businesses listed above Todd is often on the road and podcasting from a motel room’s wifi … last one was a Motel 6 (never again).

Todd is kind of mellow compared to some other podcasters … the Donnie Osmond of podcasting. He often talks about his family and his kids on the podcast and he loves anything about NASA and space which he often includes in his podcast. I would prefer not to hear the NASA/space part but it is not enough to keep me from listening to the podcast. He calls his listeners “The Ohana” … Part of Hawaiian culture, ʻohana means family in an extended sense of the term including blood-related, adoptive or intentional.

I like Todd’s podcast because when he does deliver the news … its pertinent news … and he talks about it in the perspective of how it will effect our lives rather than the industry hyped sensationalism you get on many podcasts. You can sign up for the show notes which are emailed to you right after each podcast. I must say the show notes are great … includes all the listener links and links to all the items talked about on the show.

Todd recently got a Tricaster so in the near future you should be seeing a Geek News Central TV podcast.

Over 25000 people listen twice a week so you might consider subscribing to the Geek News Central .  I do.


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