Oh No!!!! AT+T to rollout bandwidth caps in October

In an article today on CNN Money titled “AT&T To Create Tiered Internet Access For Subscribers“.

Along with announcements about a tiered access plan AT&T Senior Federal Regulatory Vice President Robert Quinn also stated the company will  “change its customer contracts and disclosures” and “identify any limitations on the amount of usage”

“In October, AT&T will establish discrete tiers for subscribers at various levels with the goal of giving them Internet speeds in certain ranges.

AT&T plans to change its customer contracts and disclosures to reflect the change, Quinn said. Those notices also will “clearly identify any limitations on the amount of usage that may apply to a customer’s service plan.”

The notices also will explain the difference between the speed capabilities that AT&T provides and the throughput speeds that are dependent on other networks.”

Bandwidth caps … !

Somebody hand me a towel … so I can wipe my eyes … cause I’m weeping like a baby …

Goodbye Hulu …goodbye Netflix I’m going to miss you dearly.


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