Daily Double for Facebook … “Facebook sues German copycat” … “Facebook Mimics Friendfeed”

Not often do you get 2 stories the same day about the same company doing what they are suing for ….

The German company sued by Facebook for running a “knockoff” of the social networking Web site said on Sunday it asked a German court to declare that Facebook’s claims are without merit.’ However, a simple glance at the two sites’ homepages seems to tell a different story — StudiVZ copies many things from Facebook” according to an article from Reuters.

In an unrelated article on Monkey_Bites “Facebook redesign mimic’s Friendfeed

“Although Facebook’s new layout retains the blue and white flavorings of its predecessor, the structure of your data under the new design bears more than a passing resemblance to FriendFeed.

For instance, under the new interface, your status updates, wall posts and news feed items have been combined into a single content stream — just like what you’ll find of FriendFeed.”

I guess you can have your cake and eat it too.


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