DTV conversion a windfall for Comcast with $36 monthly increases

Comcast Analog cable has approx. 70 channels and costs about $54 a month. Analog is cable direct from the wall … no set top box.  Quote from the Herald News “About 30 percent of its customers only receive cable service with analog channels, generally the lower-numbered channels.”

On Feb 2009, when the Federal Government mandate to switch analog over the air channels to digital goes into effect Comcast says for people like you, nothing needs to be done.

Ahhh … but here’s a rub …

There have already been reports of Comcast sales representatives misleading  customers by saying the federal government is requiring Comcast to switch to digital and then trying to coerce users to switch to the more expensive digital service. The law requires no such thing … in fact cable companies are mandated to carry local analog channels until 2011.

Quoted from cnet “Although the switch-off of analog channels should not affect cable subscribers directly, we expect that some cable companies may use the transition as an excuse to get more of their analog customers to go digital. According to the FCC, “If a cable company makes the business decision to go all-digital (meaning it will stop offering any channels to its customers in analog), it must ensure that its analog customers can continue to watch their local broadcast stations. This may require customers with analog televisions to get a set-top box.” In other words, if you currently get cable by connecting your analog TV directly to the wall, with no cable box, you may be in for some changes yourself. It all depends on your local cable provider, so check with them for details.”

What Comcast wants is to move you to their more expensive “digital package” at about $74 a month (that’s the low tier digital package) … plus $4 monthly rental for a set top box for each TV in your house (No… you can’t buy your own boxes). If you have 4 TV’s that’s $90 or $36 more than you were paying for analog.

They are being kind of sneaky in how they push you for the change too  …

We already know how their pricing tier works … The channel you want to watch is never on the lower tier. Now in the same type of shenanigans they have announced they are changing the analog line up and (quote from Cnet Buzz Out Loud) “removing 7 analog channels to the digital tier … Are they then lowering the price of the analog package?” I think you already know the answer to that question.



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