The Death of Cable TV … Net to TV … the new rabbit earstv,

Cable companies have noticed! In the pocketbook.

Yes we have been able to watch videos on our PC’s for quite a while and more recently we download TV shows from our replay TV or tivo and watch them on your PC.

Then came bringing us free full episode TV and movies with less commercial time over the net.

Now most main stream channels have content on the net.

Lots of people have super systems with a 27′ digital monitor and home theater quality sound that is great for TV and video and they don’t mind watching on the PC … But the average Joe has a 17-20″ monitor.

What we all want is free Video from the net … but on our TV. Like the early days … all you needed for free TV was rabbit ears. Now the net is our rabbit ears.

Roku Netflix player (not free …$8.95 a month) gives us TV shows and movies from the net… and it works great.

If you have an HDTV with VGA you can connect to your PC and put a web browser on your TV screen and watch any of the shows on or and it really works fine.

There are lots of ways to watch the content from your PC on a TV. I like the Netgear Digital Entertainer HD (eva8000). Music, Live TV, You Tube, Movies. I have the content playing from a Windows Home Server.

I took the plunge a couple of weeks ago and dumped the expensive $75 a month Comcast Cable. I only got the basic tier digital channels for that and I probably only ever watched 4 or 5 of those channels. Yeah $900 a year is a lot of money for Comcast to lose … but actually you have to think about it from a broader prospective … over 10 years it $9000.

You may have noticed … they have a plan to get that money back.

They have to make TV on the net difficult beyond just losing the remote. Keep it from becoming mainstream.

Their plan is Comdrastic:
Encourage adaption of bandwidth caps making digital content cost you like a cable bill.

Throw a wrench in whenever possible and call it traffic management.

Complain about lack of bandwidth (not true) .

Call everyone a pirate. Spout off about bandwidth hogs (to them anyone who does anything but read email and views web pages is a bandwidth hog).

Money tried to stop the mp3 innovations and it didn’t work … Money finally came around and is adopting a model people want (death to drm). Same will happen for net TV … it may take a few years … but it has started.

“Being good at being stupid doesn’t count!”


One response to “The Death of Cable TV … Net to TV … the new rabbit earstv,

  1. toddlorensinclair

    I’m enjoying my savings as we speak.

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