Jason Calacanis is right … The net ain’t what it used to be

Jason Calacanis is right the net has changed and not always in a good way.

As he mentions at the beginning of the web it took effort to put up a web page. You needed some basic technical skills… like html and ftp … and knowledge of graphics applications. You were passionate about the web. People would come look at your page even if it was less than stellar because they knew you had put some effort into making it. Suggestions might even be offered by viewers in constructive ways. There was little spam and some banner ads …

Today the net is a caustic place … lots of anonymous “Haters” people who can spew negative comments about everything from mom to apple pie.

Advertising money has corrupted everywhere ..  web spam is as bad as email spam. There are hundreds of thousands of link farms dedicated to nothing but redirecting you to a site so they can make a commission on your page view. Its in all the search engines, blog comments, myspace, everywhere. I’m not talking about those banner ads … which I hope no one is clicking on or the right side of googles page where the sponsored ads are … I’m talking about the search results … pages pretending to be what you’re looking for to make money.

Jason has a company called Mahalo.com human powered search. Their mission is to bring you relevant search and filter out the web spam and link farms. They are going up against giants google, Yahoo, Msn … a daunting task.

We as users of the net need to take responsibility for the state of the net today. If we didn’t click on the web spam or link farm links they would not make money and would eventually quit. Educate yourself about how to perform a search and what not to click on. Be aware of what phishing scams are and how to detect them.

I urge you to go over to Mahalo.com and check it out … they are our netvirormentalists and you’ll be fighting the web spam by using them.

You can listen to an excellent speech Jason made at Gnomedex 7  here


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